Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Pogo Drive V2 Software + Full European Mapping

New Pogo Drive V2 Upgrade.

New Revised Version is available - Pogo Drive V2.

The New V2 Pogo Drive now includes a 2 gig SD card which has Full European mapping street level and all major Roads. It also includes speed camera data for france and spain currently and other european countries are to follow soon.

Other new features also include:
  • New Average Speed Display through Spec's (Average Speed Cameras) work out you own personel average speed!
  • New Over Speed Warnings
  • New Map Rendering
  • New Mobile Camera Hotspot Locations
  • New Revised Interface
Also there is now £50 Off!!! RRP £249.95 inc vat and del

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pogo Alert Product Shots

Please find below a new selection of Pogo Alert Product images:

Pogo Alert with Dash Mount Option

New Pogo Alert Accessories

New to the Pogo Alert range is the following accessories:

Pogo Alert Hard Wire Kit

Pogo Alert Hard Wire Cable
Specifically designed cable to enable hard wiring, complete with in- line fuse and voltage reducer.

Pogo Alert Laser Extension Kit

Pogo Alert Laser Extension Lead
A specifically designed extension lead for the Pogo Alert laser detector, comes with seperate mounting bracket

Pogo Alert GPS Antenna

Pogo Alert GPS Antenna
External Antenna for Pogo Alerts for heated or UV windscreens

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pogo GPS - Pogo Drive - satellite navigation with Camera Detection

New PogoDrive from Origin Technologies - Portable Satellite Navigation system - £299.95 The Brand New PogoDrive, from Origin Technologies, is an advanced, portable, driver information system for motor vehicles. It combines full feature colour touch-screen satellite navigation with advanced safety camera alerts, in a stylish compact ‘plug & play’ design. It also includes the most reliable mapping system 'NavTeq' Mapping unlike others on the market!

Full Pogo Drive Spec Click Here

Pogo Alert - Portable GPS Camera Detector Unit

New PogoAlert - Portable GPS Camera Detector Unit £249.95

PogoAlert offers a fully portable safety and speed camera warning system using the latest GPS satellite technology with a full colour LCD display

Laser sensor for detection of laser based speed traps (detachable & removable – future legislation proof.

Pogo Alert product info: Click here